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Paramedic Course

The paramedic is a health professional whose primary focus is to respond to, assess and triage emergent, urgent and non-urgent requests for medical care; apply basic and advanced knowledge and skills necessary to determine patient physiologic, psychological, and psychosocial needs; administer medications, interpret and use diagnostic findings to implement treatment; provide complex patient care; and facilitate referrals and/or access to a higher level of care when the needs of the patient exceed the capability level of the paramedic. Paramedics often serve as a patient care team member in a hospital or other health care setting to the full extent of their education, certification, licensure and credentialing. Paramedics may work in community settings where they take on additional responsibilities monitoring and evaluating the needs of at-risk patients, as well as intervening to mitigate conditions that could lead to poor outcomes. Paramedics help educate patients and the public in the prevention and/or management of medical, health, psychological and safety issues. 


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Course Information


Days/Times: Monday and Thursday, 1pm to 5pm

Start Date: August 19, 2024

End Date: May 28, 2026 (date subject to change)

Course fee: $6000, payment plan available. 

     1. The fee includes tuition, books, one NREMT exam voucher, and access to online platforms used in the course.

     2. The fee does not include the cost of uniforms.

     3. The fee does not include the cost of pre-requisites in order to be considered for the course.

Computer/Internet Accessibility: Each student will need a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with broadband internet capability. A significant portion of the course will utilize online resources.  

Anatomy and Physiology: We suggest that students take a college level anatomy & physiology course, equal to Ivy Tech Community College APHY 101 and APHY 102 and then transfer the credits to our program. In leu of this, the first 8 weeks of the course will have an anatomy and physiology course, however, this A & P does not include college credit.

Selection Process and Testing

The selection process will include a variety of testing, and an interview by the selection committee. The candidate will pay the cost of the testing. The testing will include reading comprehension, math ability, an EMT final exam, and psychological testing. 




Tablet or laptop computer:

 A tablet or laptop computer will be required for taking tests in class. A cellular telephone is not acceptable for taking tests in class.


Background Check and Drug Screen


 A nation-wide background check and 10-panel drug screen is required for entry into the program. This is performed through the programs vendor: CastleBranch. All results must be available to the Program Director Prior to the first day of class.

Website: https://discover.castlebranch.com/  

          Once on the CastleBranch website, click on "Place Order" and followng prompts. You must enter the Package Code for our program to get your results.

Package Code: HD53

Cost: $105 + service fee (subject to change by CastleBranch)


Proof of Vaccinations or Immunity from:

Prior to patient contact, the student must show proof of immunity of the following diseases from a health care provider:

     a. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

     b. Tuberculosis skin test (must have been performed within the past 12 months and must stay current throughout the EMT class.

     c. Hepatitis B

     d. Varicella (Chickenpox) - Harrison County Hospital does not accept proof of disease as immunity. The student must either have a titer or the vaccination.

     e. Tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis (TDaP)

     f. Seasonal influenza


National Incident Management System Courses (NIM)

The NIMS courses listed are free, online courses from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA. These courses are required prior to successful completion of the course. If you have already taken the courses you can provide copies of either the certificates or a FEMA transcript. If you have not taken them the links are below. Click on the course to go to that courses page. 






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