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Harrison County Hospital / Ivy Tech Paramedic Consortium

A Paramedic Course will begin January 2018 - This information is subject to change. A minimum enrollment will be required to hold the course.


Informational Meeting July 11, 2017, 7:00pm at Harrison County Hospital EMS building.


Everyone in our Paramedic program must meet all pre-requisites and go through our selection process. Not everyone who applies may be accepted. To see a description of a Paramedic, click here.


  • Indiana Certified EMT or above.
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support or American Red Cross Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. Other courses will not be accepted. CPR card must remain current throughout the paramedic course.
  • Anatomy and Physiology 101 and 102.
    • Option 1:
      • We recommend that these courses be taken at Ivy Tech Community College. Click here to get information about Ivy Tech. Due to the complexity of these courses, we recommend the face-to-face courses and not the online courses. We will allow APHY 102 to be taken concurrently with the first semester of the paramedic program, however, this is not recommended.
    • Option 2:
      • Harrison County Hospital will run an anatomy & physiology class in the fall of 2017. Students may register for this course, which will satisfy the requirements for the 2018 Paramedic course. This class is not provided by or affiliated with Ivy Tech Community College. As such, there is no college credit available for this course. If the student has transfer credits for APHY 101 and APHY 102, this course is not necessary.
    • Option 3:
      • Transfer credits are allowed. The courses being transferred must be essentially equivalent to Ivy Tech APHY 101 and APHY 102. Click on the links to see a course description from Ivy Tech. Transfer courses must include a laboratory component.
  • Aptitude Testing

  • EMT Test - to be administered by the program, at student expense

  • Personal Interview

  • National Criminal Background Check. A background check will be conducted by the Programs vendor at the students' expense.
  • Drug Screen. A drug screen will be conducted by the Programs vendor at the students' expense.
  • Most of the clinical experience is performed in Kentucky. Therefore, the Kentucky Board of EMS requires the following:
    • Kentucky Certified EMT-Basic
    • The student shall provide proof of clinical liability insurance that covers their activities while performing clinical skills as part of the program while in Kentucky.

Health Requirements

  • Proof of vaccination or immunity, from a healthcare provider, must be provided for the following prior to patient contact.
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
    • Hepatitis B
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox) - proof of disease is no longer considered as immunity. 
    • Tuberculosis skin test - must be within the past 12 months and must remain current throughout the program.
    • Seasonal influenza

Tuition and Fee's

  • Course Tuition: $5,000, includes textbooks, payable in $1000 installments each semester. 
    • Tuition is due no later than the first day of each semester.
    • Books and fees are not refundable. Tuition is refundable per our refund policy.
      • Semester 1: Tuition - $1,000 (includes books/fee's of $740 which is not refundable)
      • Semester 2: Tuition - $1,000 (no books/fee's included)
      • Semester 3: Tuition - $1,000 (includes books/fee's of $145 which is not refundable)
      • Semester 4: Tuition - $1,000 (no books/fee's included)
      • Semester 5: Tuition - $1,000 (includes fee's of $125 for NREMT computer based exam fee which is not refundable)
    • Tuition is waived for Harrison County Hospital employees. For employees of Harrison County Hospital EMS, tuition and books/fee's are waived.
  • Harrison County Hospital Anatomy & Physiology:
    • Tuition: For Paramedic Program students, there will be no tuition for the A & P course. 
    • Book: The A & P textbook is available from Amazon in a print version. An enhanced electronic version is available at no cost.  
  • A drug screen and national criminal background check are required. The student will use the programs vendor and it will be at the student cost. The approximate cost is $120 but this is subject to change.
  • Course Uniforms will be required. Additional information will be given prior to course beginning.

Course Financing

  • All tuition is due no later than the first day of class for each semester. Cost of books and fee's are not refundable. Tuition is refundable based on our refund policy. 
  • The Program can make available personal loan applications from First Harrison Bank.
  • We are approved through the Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs for GI Bill benefits.


Selection Process

A minimum of 15 people selected for the program will be required for the program to begin.

There will be a selection process for all applicants, including Harrison County Hospital employees.  Applicants will be contacted about further testing as that time approaches.

For information, from the U.S. Department of Labor, about the job functions of a Paramedic, click here

If you have questions, feel free to contact Michael Hunter, Program Director at (812) 734-3818, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click here for Paramedic Program Application

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